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Expert Hair Tips

  • Short hair needs to be cut every 4-6 weeks. A good short haircut will start loosing its shape after 4 weeks.
  • Long hair is more sensitive to the sun, water, and other outside elements. A haircut every 6-8 weeks will help to minimize split ends and maintain healthy shiny hair!
  • Always use products that contain UV protection. We recommend Pureology and ColorProof every one of their products contain sunscreens.
  • Minimize brakeage and gently detangle by spraying Pureologys Colour Fanatic 21 on hair before combing with a wide-tooth comb. This product seals down the cuticle and is also the ultimate sunscreen for your hair. A must have for every beach bag!
  • In addition to salon treatments, the right shampoo and conditioner at home are very important.
  • Once a week it is important to use purifying shampoo at home to rid your hair of excess build-up that comes from products, minerals and chemicals from your water, and other sources.
  • Use the right professional tools when styling your hair at home. It is important to have a blow dryer that gets HOT! And ceramic irons that protect the hair. We use and recommend Rusk styling tools.
  • Remember it's all about quality not quantity. Just like buying a good pair of shoes that will last forever and be comfortable, you shouldn't compromise on a good haircut and top of the line hair products! It is the first thing people notice when they see you!

Expert Skin Care Tips

  • Taking care of your skin, is a time and money investment, however, you will not be sorry! Remember - itís the only face youíll have!
  • Your daily regime should consist of cleansing, exfoliating (if needed), toning, moisturizing, repairing (if needed), and protecting. Let your Aesthetician prescribe the right products for you.
  • GloTherapeutic Vitamin C serums are the ultimate skin care product! They are great for everything from preventing wrinkles to healing acne.

Expert Make Up Tips

  • All makeup bags should contain: a powder brush and a blush brush, an eye definer shadow brush and a crease shadow brush, and an eyeliner brush. You should also have tweezers, a sharpener, and cotton swabs. And most important: Hydration Mist!
  • Only apply makeup to moisturized skin. In addition ALWAYS spray with hydration mist before and after makeup application!
  • Everyday eyeshadow is simple using one of our shadow trios. The lightest color covers the entire lid (apply lid primer first if you wish), the medium color in the crease, and the darkest color as eyeliner. Add more single colors to your lower lid collection!
  • Any of our shadow colors can be made into a darker liner by spraying your brush (mini crease, eye liner definer, or duo liner brush) with Hydrating mist.
  • GloMineral and Jane Iredale makeup lines are both noncomogenic. If you break a shine or sweat- simply blot off with tissue, your makeup will still be there! You can keep a compact of our colorless Perfecting Powder handy if you feel like adding a little more powder.
  • Use a bronzer for a touch of sun! Apply to the parameter of the face- around temples and chin. Can even be used as eye shadow, use a wet brush to make into a liner, or mix with a little gloss for the lips!
  • Keep our Face Primer on hand for those special occasions. It will give you a superior flawless look plus it is an excellent eraser for those little mess ups- like mascara under the eye!
  • When choosing a lip shade remember the basic principles of light versus dark. Light will make something look larger and dark will make something look smaller. Thin lips like light colors and full lips look great in a dark color.

Make-Up Brush Care

  • Proper care for your brushes is very important. We use GloMinerals spray cleaner. This is recommended only if you share your brushes with other people or during a breakout. It is antibacterial and you simply spray the ends of your brushes after each use.
  • Wash your brushes about once a month and following these directions will preserve the life of your important tools.
  • The hairs of your brushes are glued to a wooden dowel inside of the metal rivet. It is extremely important not to let water get in there!
  • Holding the brush with the hairs facing downward wet with warm water. Put a little hydrating shampoo in your hand (the shampoo must be free of sulfates, waxes, and oils - we use and recommend Pureology Hydrate) swirl the brush around in the palm of your hand - you will see the makeup coming out. Rinse under warm water always keeping the brush facing down!
  • You now must condition the brush! Place a tiny amount of conditioner (must be free of waxes and oils - we use and recommend Pureology Hydrate) in the palm of your hand and swirl your brush in it. Again, rinse holding the brush facing down.
  • You must dry the brushes with them facing downward so no water gets up inside. You also don’t want the hairs to lean on anything - or they will dry with bends in the hairs. To do this: roll up a towel and place the handle on it a little off center so the brush leans down at an angle - but the hairs don’t touch anything. Then place another folded towel over the handles to secure them.
  • The brushes usually dry overnight.
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