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We use only top of the line products and chemicals. Our continued education and frequent training allow us to provide you with the most up to date trends and techniques.
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Our shampoos and conditioners incorporate pure aromatherapy essential oils which are beneficial to your hair and also your well being. At our super comfy shampoo beds you will experience a shampoo like no other!

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Brava stylist use a five-step approach to all hair services as shown below.

  1. We'll have a get-to-know-you conversation about your features, lifestyle, routines, and budget.

  2. We'll talk about what's possible with the shape and texture of your hair.

  3. Together we'll discover and create a perfect color that complements your eyes, skin tone and style.

  4. We'll talk about your hairs condition and how to keep it strong, supple, shiny, healthy, and luscious.

  5. Finally, we will teach you step-by-step techniques to style and maintain your hair at home in between each visit.

Designer Cut

Master Stylist: $50
Includes shampoo, scalp massage, conditioner and blow dry. The key to all modern hair styling is texture.

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Added onto any Hair Service: $40
Disulfide bonds are broken every day from brushing, combing, chemicals, heat styling, etc. Olaplex not only repairs those bonds, but multiplies them. You can have this amazing breakthrough professional treatment done with each cut or color - or for extremely damaged hair come in once a week until your hair is beautiful, shiny, healthy again.

Clear Gloss and Deep Conditioning Masque

$40 ($30 added onto any hair service)
This is great double treatment to add lots of shine and improve the all over condition of the hair. It starts with a clear gloss that adds superior shine that lasts up to 6 weeks! Followed by a customized masque to add protein and moisture to the hair. Helps repair and prevent split ends (Blow dry not included).

Malibu Mineral Deposit Removal Treatment - $25

Dramatic results and immediate normalizing and revitalizing of hair/ scalp that has hard water mineral build-up, is damaged, and/ or over-processed. We recommend before any color service- especially resistant gray hair.

  • Immediately removes layers of "rock" on the hair caused by mineral build-up that can inhibit the successful processing of color & highlights
  • Increases color vibrancy
  • Increases color's staying power and helps prevent fading
  • Helps remove most medication build-up (meds for blood pressure, diabetes, heart and thyroid to name a few)
  • Helps prevent breakage prior, during and after service by stopping oxidation
  • Infuses protein following chemical service for strength and integrity of the hair following oxidizing service

Swimmers Hair Treatment - $20

Ditch damage and discoloration with this must-have tune-up tool for swimmers' hair that instantly kicks crunchy, gummy, lifeless locks into tip top shape to reveal the ultimate in softness, swing and shine.

Scalp / Dandruff Treatment - $20

Our Malibu C treatment is the only wellness system specifically designed for a flaking, itchy, and/or irritated scalp. By addressing exfoliation, we can help normalize the scalp, creating optimal conditions to alleviate the symptoms associated with dandruff.

Shampoo and Style

$35 and Up
Enjoy a stress relieving head massage with an aromatherapy shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair. We will apply thermal protectants to keep your hair free of damage from the blow dryer and curling iron. We will use humidity resistant styling agents that will ensure your new style lasts and lasts!

Flat Iron, Curling Iron, & Round Brushing

$20 extra to any service
We will apply thermal protectants to keep your hair free of any damage and we will use humidity resistant styling agents that will ensure your silky smooth look lasts and lasts!

Up-Dos & Special Occasion Styling

$65 and Up
Our experience and weather resistant products will insure that your beautiful look will last all day and evening, even in wind and humidity. We also retail a full line of beautiful crystal clips to adorn your style.

*Please arrive with your hair clean and completely dry. Please do not add any products - as we will apply the products we need for your customized up-do. Also it is smart to wear a button up shirt.

**If hair is wet and needs to be dried before an up-do, there will be an additional charge of $10.00. If hair needs to be washed and dried there will be an additional charge of $25.00

Bridal Up-Do

Please see our wedding page for packages and trial run appointments.

Please arrive for your appointment with dry/clean hair. Do not add any products to you hair- we have everything we need to keep your hair soft, shiny, in place, and humidity resistant.

If necessary, a shampoo and blow dry will be done at the salon for an additional charge of $35. If you come with wet hair a blow dry charge of $10 will apply.

Wearing a button down shirt is suggested.

One Process Color

$75 and Up
Before your color service we will do a purifying treatment to be sure we are working on a "clean palate". We will then do a deep protein treatment (artificial pigment needs protein to bond with) ñ this will ensure 100% gray coverage and long lasting color!


$100 and Up
We can create beautiful natural highlights that require no upkeep commitment - you will look like you spent a week at the beach! Or we can go dramatic with bold colors- there is no limits to imagination!


$100 and Up
Balayage - the art of hair painting - is based on the French word for 'sweep away'.

Colorists and clients alike fall in love with the fabulous results. Color placement looks natural and organic, similar to the effortlessly random color you'd receive after a summer at the beach. Definitely what the hippest clients are seeing in magazines and requesting!

Color Correction

Price on Consultation
Color correction not only fixes a color job gone wrong - it can also improve the health of your hair.

Hair Extensions

Price on Consultation
100% Virgin Human Hair - Long, Beautiful Hair Within Hours. Professional hair extensions add flair to dull hair without the use of chemicals using SoCap and Short2Long products.


$150 and Up
Our damage-free perms are enriched with silk proteins that add permanent body, wave or curl while adding moisture, strength and condition to the hair.

Rusk Anti-Curl, Curl and Frizz Reducer

$115 and Up
Eliminates frizz and reduces unwanted curl while giving hair added texture and control. Also gently removes unwanted perms. Leaves hair feeling soft, healthier, and manageable.

Keratin Complex Hair Straightener (Brazilian Straightener)

Price on Consultation
Keratin Complex Hair Therapy is a treatment that thermally replaces keratin back into the cuticle of each hair shaft, rejuvenating and smoothing the hair. Unlike other revitalizing and straightening treatments, commonly known as Brazilian Style Relaxers, Keratin Complex does not use any harsh and poisonous chemicals. The treatment is a complete process through science that allows the product to work by completely sealing the hair shaft with their patented polymerization process.

Permanent Thermal Straighteners

Price on Consultation
We can permanently straighten your hair 100% - making getting ready in the mornings much quicker! Our proteins, conditioners, and protectants are used throughout the service to optimize results.

Corrective Color, Thermal Hair Straighteners, and Hair Extension Removal

Starts at $100 Per Hour (Priced on Consultation)

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