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  1. Can eliminate tension headaches

  2. Relaxes your muscles

  3. Can reduce pain in targeted areas

  4. Can increase range of motion

  5. Increases circulation

  6. Assists lymph flow

  7. Can reduce overall stiffness

  8. Assists your immune system

  9. Increases Natural Killer (NK) White Blood Cell count by an average of 20%

  10. It just makes you feel good!

Did you know that there are 4 main muscles on your skull? When they are tense, they can cause headaches. Another type of headache can be caused by tension in the muscles that attach at the base of the skull. These are the muscles that keep your head from flopping forward. People who work at a desk often keep those muscles contracted most of the day. No wonder they get tension headaches.

According to Kate Gallardo, a local massage therapist, a muscle that feels like a board or a rope will soften and become pliable in response to massage. "I work on many people who have been in auto accidents and have suffered whiplash injuries. I can usually tell by the way they walk or hold their head which muscles are causing the pain." A massage therapist will give various types of pressure to either the belly of the muscle or where the muscle attaches to the bone to trigger the release of tension. Once the tension leaves the muscle, the pain goes away. Once the muscle relaxes, the range of motion increases also.

In a full body massage, the therapist will always work the muscles toward the heart. This is the way both the blood and the lymph flow. Both the veins and the lymph vessels have one-way flow valves to keep the liquids moving in the right direction. Even the light pressure of a massage will increase the movement of the body’s liquids. Since the lymph is carrying waste products of cell metabolism, the massage speeds up the elimination of the wastes, you will feel less stiff.

Blood tests have been done on cancer patients before and after a massage. There is an average of 20% increase in the quantity of Natural Killer (NK) cells in the blood after a massage. The NK cells are the ones that destroy invading viruses, bacteria, and malignancies.

Massage helps people who suffer from fibromyalgia, edema, plantar faciitis, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, sore shoulders, aching back, stiff neck, sore muscles and pregnancy.

Once you put all the medical effects of massage on paper, it seems fairly clinical. But many people get massage just because it feels good!

The foundation of many Eastern medical modalities focus on prevention. The body’s connection with the free flowing energy of the universe through channels that lead to homeostasis.

Energy work is a holistic approach to our well-being. The techniques are noninvasive and draw upon a practitioners ability to go with the flow of least resistance away from the pain and towards comfort.

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